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Associations & Foundations

As a member of the Board of Directors you have the dual responsibility of overseeing operations and ensuring the long term existence of your organization.  You serve as a Fiduciary and we are here to help you go beyond that duty and leave a long-standing legacy.


What is the best way to manage your organization’s assets?

Every Board of Directors wants a simple answer to this question, but the truth is that it all depends on your organization’s unique goals and circumstances. We go beyond the restrictions and measures listed in your Investment Policy Statement and work to identify the income, performance, and distribution needs of your organization, using this information as the basis for creating your portfolio. 


Our Advisors will periodically meet with your Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee to review performance, answer questions, and help you plan for your organizations financial future.

Where We Can Help:

Investment Policy Statement Services

We help with the creation, implementation, and review of your Investment Policy Statement, making sure it's up to date and reflects your organization's financial needs and goals.

Investment Analysis & Asset Management

We provide customized investment allocation planning based on organizational needs. If your plan is currently managed by another advisor we also provide second opinions on investment allocations.

Help Identifying Reserve Targets

How much cash should you keep in your reserve and operating account? We can help you determine appropriate cash reserve requirements and identify areas of weakness in your cash-flow. 

Customized Reporting

Organizations have unique financial reporting needs. We have the ability to quickly create customized reports so your Board of Directors always has relevant, timely, and reliable information when needed.