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VLP Financial Advisors

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We believe in a holistic approach to financial management, aligning your investment portfolio and financial decisions with your values.

Our experienced Financial Advisors will help you identify your goals and then build a personalized financial plan that evolves with you through life’s milestones.

Our Fiduciary Responsibility

Our clients have placed us in a position of trust and we take that duty seriously. All of our advisors act as Fiduciaries for our clients and our three Advisor-Partners are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) which is a professional designation that signifies that the holder has a thorough knowledge of the fiduciary standard of care that requires them to put their client’s interests above their own.  

You can trust that all of our advisors will:

  • Act in your best interest
  • Be transparent about costs and fees associated with our services
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest that may be present when providing recommendations
  • Help you understand all of the options available to you
  • Provide prudent investment advice
  • Avoid high cost or high commission products
  • Be truthful with you about the risks you take when investing