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Live Greater Personal Financial Services

Partnering with You for What’s Next

Living greater requires deep thought and careful preparation, on your part and ours. All of the work that goes into the Live Greater Partnership enables our Advisors to provide comprehensive, sophisticated investment solutions—based on a holistic and nuanced understanding of your needs, goals, circumstances, and preferences. We use a carefully designed process to provide families and individuals with the comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and retirement planning services.

The whole VLP Live Greater Partnership™ process contains a priceless commodity: your ability to control and shape the destiny of your family or firm. To live life according to your own plan, and build on a solid foundation. To confidently face anything and everything that’s next.

Investment Management Focused on You

Investment Management Focused on You

Knowing what you’re investing in is important, but even more significant, is knowing what you are investing for. We’ll help you align your investments with your long- and short-term needs and goals by developing a customized asset allocation strategy. We’ll help you gain the confidence to avoid the distractions of daily market ups and downs, ensuring that your buy/sell decisions are made for the right reasons and in support of your goals. We offer:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Diversification
  • Investment tax consequences
  • Employer Retirement Plans, including 401k, 403b, 457
  • Executive compensation, restricted stock and stock options
Holistic and Personalized Financial Planning

Holistic and Personalized Financial Planning

What do you want to do and accomplish with what you already have? We’ll help you consider all the areas beyond investments that can contribute to pursuing your financial goals: Are you properly insured, for example? Are you paying too much in taxes? Are you fully accounting for the needs of growing children, aging parents or future generations? Financial planning services include:

  • Review current financial situation
  • Retirement objectives
  • Tax liabilities and objectives
  • Life event transition planning
  • Estate & legacy ambitions
  • Elder care & long-term care costs 

  • Education costs

  • Charitable giving
  • Insurance considerations
Retirement Strategies

Retirement Strategies

Have you saved enough? Will it last? Whatever is next for you, we’ll figure it all out together. It’s never too early to think about—and plan for—what’s ahead. In fact, retirement planning is a natural complement to financial planning and investment management. Which makes this the natural time to make sure you’re enhancing your assets in ways that align with these long-term considerations.

  • Social Security claims strategies
  • Pension distribution options
  • Withdrawal Strategies
  • Tax reduction tactics
  • Long term care insurance
  • Health care budgeting
  • Medicare realities
  • Charitable giving
  • FERS, CSRS, & other pension distribution options
Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce can be overwhelming. Our team can help.

The divorce process comes with a unique set of challenges.  Short and long-term financial impacts are among the top concerns for our clients. For individuals who find themselves in this situation, working with a trusted team of professionals can help make the process smoother.

Our divorce team works closely with individuals, couples, and their legal teams to empower clients with necessary knowledge for negotiating fair settlements that work for their family.

Common topics that are typically addressed:

  • Current and future budgeting needs
  • Spousal support
  • Dividing property
  • Pension and retirement plan issues
  • Marital home solutions
  • Separate property tracing
  • Tax effects on different situations
  • Insurance needs
  • Retirement plan projections post-divorce
  • Social Security income benefits as they pertain to divorce 
  • And more
Planning for Domestic Partnerships

Planning for Domestic Partnerships

More Americans than ever before are opting for Domestic Partnerships, which comes with its own considerations for financial planning. Working with an Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor (ADPA®) can help with the unique obstacles of planning for wealth transfer, taxes, and end of life arrangements for non-married couples. 

ADPA® Services Can Include: 

  • Addressing the needs specific to unmarried, coupled persons to help establish additional protections afforded to married couples
  • Financial planning for non-married, same-sex couples
  • Helping clients understand how state laws impact their long term financial planning
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Tax Planning
  • End of Life Planning

Our Approach

At VLP we believe in partnering with you to take a holistic approach to financial management, aligning your investment and financial decisions with your values.

Our Approach

Our Team

All of our Advisors are Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) practitioners and are committed to helping you live greater through our holistic financial services.

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