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Podcast Ep. #1 Live Greater View: Navigating Life, Money, and Perspective

August 02, 2023

Welcome to the Live Greater View, a financial planning podcast produced by VLP Financial Advisors that discusses life, money, and perspective. In this exciting first episode, Financial Advisors Chris Mellone, CFA CFP® AIF® and Rose Price CFP® AIF® delve into their motivations for creating this podcast, giving clients and potential clients an inside look into their financial planning process. 

Throughout the episode, Chris and Rose provide insights and practical advice on various financial topics, aiming to empower listeners to live their best life at every stage. They tackle market trends, inflation data, and market performance, helping listeners make informed decisions about their investments.

Key Topics Covered:

• Unpacking recent market events and inflation data, providing insights into potential rate hikes and implications for investors.

• Balancing the technical and non-technical aspects of retirement planning, discussing the importance of having conversations about individual retirement scenarios.

• Understanding the impact of income taxes, IRMAA, and other tax rules on retirement planning.

• Utilizing distribution strategies to determine asset allocation, helping clients align their investments with their lifestyle goals.

• Emphasizing the need for conservative investments to weather market downturns and ensuring clients are prepared for any scenario.

This episode offers a unique perspective on financial planning, combining technical expertise with a focus on individual client goals and values. Listeners will gain inspiration, practical advice, and valuable insights into achieving financial security and a fulfilling future.

Join Chris and Rose as they explore the Live Greater View and learn how to make the most of your financial journey. We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or thoughts related to financial planning or any topics covered in this episode, reach out to us at Let's connect and create a path to a brighter financial future together. Tune in now for the first episode of Live Greater View, and let's embark on a journey to live greater.