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Denise Ramsey

Denise Ramsey

Director of Operations

Denise is our Director of Operations.  Denise works to ensure we maintain operational efficiency in order to provide outstanding client service. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.  Prior to joining VLP, Denise spent 10 years in small business ownership, preceded by 7 years of experience in financial services management and analytics.

Denise began her career locally at GIT Investment Funds in Roslyn, VA, as a licensed Series 7 Registered Representative in their Shareholder Service division. She then joined the Investment Company Institute’s fiduciary arm, ensuring investment companies were licensed and bonded to cover their operations.  After a family relocation to Philadelphia, she worked in financial analysis with GMAC Commercial Mortgage, and then returned to the DC area and mutual fund servicing as Vice President of Transfer Agent Operations for the Rushmore Funds/FBR National Bank.

Getting to Know Denise

For the past 17 years, Denise and her family have called Northern Virginia home.  She resides in Vienna with her husband Dave and three children, Trey, Jordan, and Jacob, but are moving into a new phase as her oldest, a recent college grad, prepares to move out and her daughter gets ready for college in the fall.  She stays very active with her kids and all their sporting events, and also enjoys running, skiing, and playing tennis herself. Raised in an Army family, Denise spent her childhood as most military kids do, moving every 2-3 years, including 5 years in Germany. It is likely that those experiences during her time abroad have led to her love of travel and new adventures.

If Denise could meet anyone past or present it would be: Condelezza Rice

Places Denise would most like to visit:  Australia, Alaska, and Africa

Favorite books: Historical fiction novels

Favorite movie: The Bourne series, Star Wars

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving

Favorite things to do: Ski, hike, play sports, watch my kids play sports, travel.

Something on Denise’s bucket list:  Attend Wimbledon and take her family to Europe

Biggest accomplishment: Raising 3 children


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